June 16, 2021

Lose Weight by Drinking Water before Meals

Lose Weight by Drinking Water before Meals

Now you can easily lose weight by drinking water before meals. This is really good news for everyone and especially those who are struggling with obesity. We all know that obesity is a big public concern these days in America alongside other major countries in the world like United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe. 1 out of 3 people has this concern in such countries and this trend is on the rise.

That is why Good Healthy World is also looking for researches on this condition vigorously. And today, they have found one. This research is from the University of Birmingham in England. And according to their research weight loss has become extremely easy if we follow what they have found out in their research work.

How Can We Lose Weight by Drinking Water Before Meals?

The research, which would be a part of the publication of Obesity magazine in September 2015, reveals that people who take drink water before their breakfast, lunch, and dinner; lose weight far quickly than those who don’t.

84 obese adults were asked to be a part of this program. They were divided into two teams. They were briefed about their lifestyles, diet, and physical exercises. And they were asked to follow this trend for the whole 12 weeks.  41 of those obese adults were asked to drink 500 ml water every time before they have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The rest of the group were asked to imagine having a full stomach before every meal without drinking any water.

The results were as followed:

  • Obese adults asked to drink water before meals=Weight loss is around 9.48 pounds
  • Obese adults asked NOT to drink water before\during meals=Weight loss is around 2.87 pounds

Summarization of “Lose Weight by Drinking Water before Meals“

So, it is safe to conclude that we can easily “Lose Weight by Drinking Water before Meals”. So let us wait for no further and try this “Lose Weight by Drinking Water before Meals” research now to shed some pounds of ourselves.

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