On The Road Again

Recent mornings have seen cloudy skies, cold winds and very little sunshine. Such mornings are not ideal for a visit to the Pennine hills with a camera itching to click. I decided to start early Wednesday and

Free Fly # 750

Gray Catbird / my picture Bird and bird news The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many people to start bird watching. The link contains tips for backyard birds. Delaware Bay has a shortage of horseshoe crab eggs for


Help. It looks like there will be no singing or falling until the middle of next week. As if this wasn't bad enough, I was attacked on all sides after posting some doubts that, according to that

Free Fly # 725

Great Blue Heron / Photo by Keenan Adams / USFWS Bird and bird news A study asking to collect seabirds in the Bering Sea to date has shown that the birds are finding it difficult to find

Spring Signs

Finally, on Wednesday a weather break allowed a little ringing at Project Llinos. I met Andy at 0700 and we set up a whoosh net then poured coffee. During February and after our last visit on February

Free Fly # 726

Flycatcher / my picture Bird and bird news New genetic research using museum specimens finds that the extinction of the Great Auk is due to over-shadowing and not due to environmental change or inbreeding. This week Ross'

What are Birds?

Birds? What's that? I did almost nothing during Fearsome February when all we had was rain, more rain and strong gusty winds. Today I went over the moss to the rising sun, past the dirt heaps of

Free Fly # 727

Masked Boobies / USFWS Photo Bird and bird news Genetic study confirms that the extinction of the Carolina Parakeets was largely caused by humans. The loss of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean could cause Dovekies to

Keep Silence and Hold On

Modern weather forecasts appear to come from only a few sources that syndicate their findings. Unsurprisingly, then, mainstream television channels have remarkably similar prospects when most publishers read from a rehearsed script rather than share their thoughts

Free Fly # 728

Common Loon / Photo by Grayson Smith / USFWS Bird and bird news A genetic study of the long-eared Owlet confirmed that it was most closely associated with the Elf Owl, and that both of these species